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LandonSea is your source for all things fun on the water.  We offer all sorts of ways for you to have fun on the water.  If you can dream it up, we can help you make it happen.  We rent and retail paddleboards, kayaks, jet skis and other watersports gear such as ski tubes, wakeboards and more.  

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The LandonSea Cleanup Project

At LandonSea we believe that the best way to educate and embolden people to become passionate about the well-being of our aquatic ecosystem is to get them out on the water to have fun, which is why we offer FREE Paddleboard rentals to anyone who is willing to spend part of their adventures documenting their removal of litter from our local waterways. 


Our environmental stewardship initiative is called The LandonSea Cleanup Project. We enjoy playing on the lakes, rivers, beaches and ocean so much that we want to preserve and nurture them so we and everyone else can enjoy them in the future.  

Last year, we hosted the 1st Annual Lake Murray Clean up which turned out to be a great success. We plan to have another clean up on Lake Murray in 2014, and hope that we’ll have more help and expand our clean up effort to the Saluda River as well. As our resources grow, we intend to build upon LandonSea’s reach and capabilities so that we can have a positive impact by cleaning up parks, beaches, natural area, lakes, rivers and the ocean. We want to help preserve our environment and plan to lead by example.



Making Financial Donations

LandonSea is also happy to accept financial donations. 100% of the funds go towards the annual clean up on Lake Murray and will go towards expanding our clean up efforts to the Saluda River and on to the oceans, lakes, rivers and waterways of the world. Our ultimate goal is to create a grassroots initiative to eliminate the great pacific patch!